Banking Diploma: A Bizarre Standard for depriving banking scholars

A business or a arts student can’t be a doctor in his whole life time even an engineer, but in converse a science even an arts students are always fit to do banking. Because, this profession is very easy to adjust by a student who came from different concentration.It seems, there is nothing in this profession like discovering something new in the brain.Only who knows computer operating and have a little bit knowledge about debit & credit he/she is fit for doing so! But that is not the case at all. Those who dive a little deeper into this profession will feel a little different. It is currently considered a smart job. Not only for being well paid but also knowledge about different sectors. A banker has to know about engineering when he/she is financing on construction, economy to know the trend of financing, land measurement for getting collateral, businessman when financing in different business etc. In this regard, the contribution of the Banking Diploma in providing basic theoretical ideas to students of all types of banking profession is undeniable.It is divided into two parts, the contents of which are very attractively arranged.This, if properly recuperate, will very easily get a good theoretical idea about banking.The exact reflection of which in everyday banking will make you a good banker.If you just go through the syllabus you will be amazed at how easily you can get to know many of this industry. After everything, you will realize that you have embraced all aspects of banking. Nothing seems strange to you.

Junior Associate Of The Institute Of Bankers, Bangladesh (JAIBB)

Diploma Associate Of The Institute Of Bankers, Bangladesh (DAIBB)

Optional Subjects
In addition to the aforesaid compulsory subjects, any one of the following optional subjects shall be chosen by a candidate for passing DAIBB

But the scenario is different when you face the evaluation stages of this diploma!

Let me come before the importance of professional development of banking diploma. According to the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB)main objectives of banking diploma are to –
  • develop professionally qualified and competent bankers;
  • test the proficiency of employees of  banks and financial institutions in various banking related subjects;
But the scenario is as opposite as day and night in practical. To get a banker’s promotion, many have to come within the criteria, one of which is the banking diploma. It is so important that many times even a MBA, CDCS, CSDG, ICSB, MBM or CMA (part) completed officials are excluded from the list of promotion, whatever you have perform beyond the diploma. After viewing this in reality,it seems that the banking diploma is never thought to be designed to expand knowledge; rather this was done to deprive people of the banking profession of their ability.It has more impact on those who are more qualified. Because, qualified personnel always deserve high about their career. They want to take themselves to a unique height with their knowledge, intelligence, and hard work. When they experienced and compared the procedure of the exam with their deprivation on promotion they obviously feel frustration about their career.
Now let’s get on with the Diploma test method.

The test is taken twice a year by the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh(IBB). The fee for the test is BDT 1500 only for every time. Here you give a test on one or six subjects; the money is BDT 1500 only. At the time of test you will be given a very tough guard so that you can easily duplicate the exam. Yes, you read the exact. You can use mobile internet, separate pre-answered sheet collected from outside of the exam hall and may other way to get the answer of the question paper. But it is not the dishonest way that all students practice. Many of them memorize the contents of the subject in advance and take a very good test. But the funny thing is that when the test is done in many cases it has been observed that the dishonest student passes by and the good boy fails. Sometimes, the reverse happened. Sometimes, nothing happens. Isn’t it very funny? You will realize when you seat for the exam.

One of the main reasons for it is not to evaluate the booklet well. Only who are used to add more extra pages and make the answer sheet very hefty they got the chance to pass the exam, whatever he/she write doesn’t matter. The IBB needs money, and how many people are properly evaluated is not their headache at all. But their main objective is to develop professionally qualified and competent bankers primarily through a process of training, examinations, which are now far from the actual.
Finally, I think this is the high time to stop that type of depriving standard rather give concentration on flourishing the excellence of the potentiality and proper attention on the improvement of the diploma exam procedure only to develop competent and proficient bankers/financial service holder.

Written By,
Rupon Goswami

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