Top Banking Apps in Bangladesh


Internet or online has become a part and parcel of our daily life. It brings banking in our palm. Best banking apps are those where you can do a lot more than only checking your account balance. Let’s check the best banking apps in Bangladesh.

Banking apps are becoming popular due to its easiness in banking. Presently most of the banks are providing android or iOS based banking apps . According to a study held in January 2018, 40 out of 57 banks of Bangladesh have their online banking app. People now are more inclined to the Banks which have better internet-based banking facilities. City Bank was the first to introduce an internet-based banking system in Bangladesh in 2013 by launching their app ‘City Touch.’ Study shows that transaction via mobile apps have been increased enormously since banks of Bangladesh came in the touch of the internet-based banking system. It will be the battleground for the banking industries to win the heart of their clients.

City Touch: City bank first brought online or app based banking in Bangladesh, and yet they provide the best online banking service of all banking apps. City Touch offers the best security with Two-Factor authentication. Clients customize their account easily and request for customer services 24/7. Cash deposit, card management, and loan, etc. can be controlled through this amazing app. Internet shopping, Air ticket purchase, Bill payment, etc. essential features make it attractive to the clients. You can find nearby City Banks from this app. You transfer your fund using this app.
Play Store Rating: 4.5

EBL SKYBANKING: EBL SKYBANKING app is in the second position in Bangladesh by client satisfaction rating in Google Play Store. The catchiest feature of this app is the duel currency of both BDT& USD. You can recharge the phone of any mobile directly from your account. If any helps needed, clients can reserve appointments via this app. Fund transfer and Bill payment can be done in Eastern Bank as well as other banks.
Play Store Rating: 4.4

MTB Smart Banking: Mobile App of Mutual Trust Bank (MTB), MTB Smart is in 3rd position. The smooth operation and user interface of this app is the secret of its popularity. Clients can see the full details of their accounts. They can request for cheque books if needed. Utility bill payment and easy mobile recharge facility are also available. You can find nearby MTB branches and ATM booths using this app. Credit transferring facility to other MTB accounts available as well.
Play Store Rating: 4.3

NexusPay: Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. (DBBL) is unquestionably one of the most popular banks in Bangladesh. They have the best ATM service all over the country. Continuing to the success of ATM service, they bring NexusPay, which is already setting its mark in this field as well. To buy a train ticket, you must have a NexusPay account. This is the first cardless mobile banking app in Bangladesh. It is compatible with every bank card including, Nexus, Visa, MasterCard. More than 10000 shops in Bangladesh accept NexusPay. You can use multiple cards in one app. Mobile recharging is available in every mobile operator. You can receive money by QR codes, NFC, Phone, Rocket, or card number. It can generate a temporary card number for 10 minutes to perform online payment. Utility bills can also be paid by this wonderful app.
Play Store Rating: 4.2

SC Mobile Banking: Mobile banking app from Standard Chartered Bank is popular internet-based mobile banking software in Bangladesh. The user interface is smart and easy. The clients can access their accounts easily. They can transfer credits using this app. The most significant feature of this app is transaction history tracking. Utility bills can also be paid via SC Mobile Banking. It is one of the popular apps according to Play Store ranking. Features like mobile recharge, VISA card payment, Location tracking, etc. should be added.
       Play Store Rating: 4.0

Prime Bank Altitude: Prime bank is one of the pioneer banks in Bangladesh. They named their banking apps as ALTITUDE. Though it will not fulfill all your desire you will get most of the facilities here. You can pay your credit card bill, utility bill, transfer your fund or recharge your phone from here.
       Play Store Rating: 3.9

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