Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card


Standard Chartered Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. is the oldest foreign banks operating in Bangladesh. It was previously named as ANZ Grindlays Bank. It's been almost 110 years since the bank is operating in this country. It always provides innovative products to its customers. 

As a part of its continuous product growth, it has introduced so many credit card products over the years. "Super Value Titanium Credit Card" is one of its famous products. It is a mid-range card in terms of annual and other related service charges. 

Advantages you may get : 

1. You can get a higher cashback offer comparing to other cards in the market. 
2. You can use this card within and outside of the country. 
3. Standard Chartered Bank has wide acceptability; you can transact almost everywhere in the world without any tension.
4. Anyone can get up to 50% of the limit from any ATM booth.
5. EMI facilities. 

Schedule of Charges : 

Credit Limit
BDT 18,000 – 1,000,000
(up to BDT 2,500, 000 for lien card)
Annual Fee (Primary Card)
BDT 5,000
Annual Fee (for customers enjoying
multiple credit cards from Standard Chartered)
BDT 3,500
Annual Fee – per Supplementary Card
BDT 1,000
Payment due date from statement date
15 days
Minimum Amount Due
1% of the principal outstanding and full amount of any fees, charges and instalment amounts, if any (minimum BDT 500)
Cash Advance Limit
50% of Credit Limit
Maximum Interest Free Days available
45 Days
Late payment Fee
BDT 750
Over Limit Fee
BDT 1,000
Cash Advance Fee
2.5% of the withdrawal amount
(minimum BDT 100)
Finance Charges
27% per annum (Effective from 1 January 2020
*15% VAT would be charged as applicable


Residency Status
       -Applicant must be Bangladeshi resident
      -Minimum 19 years old

Required Documents  for Application: 

For Bangladeshi Nationals
     - Copy of NID & ETIN

For Foreign Nationals
     - Copy of Passport and work permit

For Salaried
     - Employment documents e.g. Appointment letter/ salary certificate;
     - Income documents e.g. Bank Statements/ Pay slips.

For Self Employed
     - Business documents e.g. trade license/ copy of MOA/ AOA etc.
     - Income documents e.g. Bank Statements

Additional documents as required by the bank officials. 

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