Now You Can Avail Dual Currency Debit Card Against Your Savings Account

Many of us want to buy the product online or a subscription that is provided by companies from abroad. But, it can be a hassle and cumbersome it the person does not have a credit card. As everyone is not eligible to apply for a credit card. 

The City Bank Ltd. always strives to develop innovative and tech-oriented products in the banking industry of our country. As a part of their continuous effort, it now comes up with their existing debit card that will now enable you to purchase from all over the world. 

Recently, Bangladesh Bank has relaxed the bar and the customers can use their debit card for any kind of international transaction which is issued against their current or savings account. 

" the card is designed to cater to frequent international transactors, online shoppers, and regular travelers, especially those who are reluctant to use credit cards, and enjoy the hassle-free international travel." - said Marshur Arefin, Managing Director and CEO of The City Bank Ltd. 

This is going to be the first-ever card in Bangladesh that offers 1 percent cash back in international transactions. 

The bank launched debit card named "City MAXX American Express" on Monday 6 of this week just after six weeks Bangladesh Bank issued the circular. 

Presently a customer can spend a maximum of USD 12000 aginst their annual travel entitlements. They can also enjoy the ATM facility abroad. 

This card has a greater chance of getting popularity as it no such criteria as a credit card for availing one. 

You can check the detail of the card HERE. 

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