Mercantile Bank Credit Cards


Mercantile Bank Ltd. is one of the pioneers in the banking industry of the country. The bank started its journey in 1999 under the leadership of a visionary leader Mr. Mohammad Abdul Jalil. From the very beginning of its journey, it tried to diversified it's business. However, credit card and retail banking were one of its' least choices. But, with the success of many other banks, this bank motivated and get back in the competition by offering different types of card services. As this card offers many privileges to its customers everyone wants to have it now. 

Mercantile Bank Ltd. presently offers three categories of cards. This varies according to income capacity, repayment history, etc. 
  1. Platinum Card
  2. Gold Card
  3. Classic Card
All the cards are available either international or local or both. The fees and other charges vary according to the nature of the card. 

Almost all banks follow similar guidelines for approving credit cards. As a result, the requirements for applying one is very similar to the other. To apply for Mercantile Bank credit you need the following papers: 

General Requirements for any applicant :
  • 2 copies of passport size photographs
  • NID
  • e-Tin
  • Bank statement of 6 months in case of personal or 1 year for business
  • Proof of residence (Gas, Electricity bill)
  • Other bank credit card bill ( if applicable)
  • Copy of passport (in case of foreign currency)
  • Visiting card
Professional Requirements:

In case of jobholder-
  • Salary certificate
  • Letter of comfort
In case of business person
  • Trade license 
  • Club membership
The charges and fees of the Mercantile Banks card are quite competitive. Card late payment fee is Tk. 300 which is lower than many other banks. You can have a birds-eye view of their charges from the following image which is published on their website. 

In my opinion, as one of the oldest banks in the country Mercantile Bank could improve their card services much better where they are standing now. But, it's a recent improvement is really praiseworthy. If you are a regular user of a credit card and want to have some privileges like discounts or get 1 buy 1 free you can consider their card. 

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