Now Prime Bank, Mutual Trust Bank suspend card transactions with Evaly, 9 other sites

Prime Bank and Mutual Trust Bank have suspended card transactions with 10 e-commerce companies, including Evaly. Chief Technology Officer of Prime Bank AYM Mostofa said card transactions with Evaly and Alesha Mart were suspended on Friday. He said the rest of the companies would come under the restriction by Friday night. The rest of the sites are Dhamaka Shopping, Eorange, Siranganj Shop, Aladiner Prodip, Qcoom, BoomBoom Shopping, Adyan Mart, and Needs.

Earlier, Brac Bank, Bank Asia, and Dhaka Bank imposed the same restriction. Syed Mahbubur Rahman, managing director of Mutual Trust Bank, said they had imposed the restriction to protect the interests of customers. He said whether the restriction would be lifted would depend on the bank's own strategy if the e-commerce companies follow the commerce ministry's policy on such sites. If a bank regains confidence, transactions will resume, he added.

United Commercial Bank and City Bank have already advised customers to be cautious in their dealings with e-commerce sites but have not suspended transactions. On 22 June, The Business Standard ran a report on Evaly and some other e-commerce sites. After that, several banks suspended card transactions with the 10 companies. At a meeting with the commerce ministry on Thursday, it was decided that customers would pay after receiving goods bought from e-commerce sites.

It was also decided that the central bank's gateway would be used for such transactions.

Source : The Business Standard

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